Does Bleach Kill Fruit Flies?

You are maybe seeking a quick remedy if you see fruit flies in your drain or around your kitchen. And you probably heard of using bleach as a solution to get rid of them. Does it really kill fruit flies, though? We want to help you find the answer, so we researched for you.

Experts contend that utilizing bleach is not the best course of action. While you can eliminate some larvae by doing this, you still cannot kill enough eggs or larvae to solve the issue. And they don't recommend it because bleach dissolves too quickly in the drain even before cleaning it.

Aside from knowing if bleach is effective in killing fruit flies, we suggest you keep reading to learn some of the alternatives you can use to eliminate them from your home effectively. Enjoy reading!

A concentrated bleach in a big bottle container, Does Bleach Kill Fruit Flies?

Can you use bleach to kill fruit flies?

The trouble with using bleach is that while it might stop the fruit flies, there are hazards involved, especially if you often find them near or in the drains. We highly suggest that it is preferable to use bleach as a final resort after exhausting all other options.

Pour bleach

These are the reasons why we don't highly recommend using bleach to eradicate fruit flies:

Toxic and hazardous

Bleach can produce highly hazardous fumes if you combine it with other compounds, such as:

  • vinegar
  • ammonia
  • rubbing alcohol

Inhaling the fumes can lead to breathing problems, chest pains, or death. It's crucial to only mix bleach with water if you wish to use it to eliminate drain flies.

Can Damage Septic Systems

Septic systems can sustain long-term damage if you pour bleach with full strength into your drains.

It can damage plumbing

Introducing bleach into the wrong compounds inside your pipes can harm your home's plumbing.

If you have lead or plastic pipes and plan to use bleach, it would be best to stop since it could rust them. Additionally, older lines are more likely to experience significant damage.

bleach flows quickly

If you pour bleach from your household sink to its drains where you can see fruit flies, the bleach goes down the drains very quickly. And it can only mean one thing, the dense layer of fruit fly eggs and larvae is too thick for bleach to penetrate.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Drosophila on lime are Contagion come to man

Of course, you have to get rid of them to make your kitchen peaceful and free from any bacteria again. To do that, we suggest you follow the methods below:

1. Locate the source

The very first step you should accomplish is to find the place of origin of the fruit flies. If you find some fruit flies on food in your kitchen, it would be best to discard the food and thoroughly clean the spot.

You can utilize any cleanser to scour the area clean. Additionally, there is a possibility that you can drive the fruit flies away from your kitchen by clearing their home.

2. Clean Drains and Trash Bins

Examine your kitchen sink's drain after identifying the issue's origin. It is the perfect opportunity to notice anything that needs cleaning or unclogging. Fruit flies often go to warm, humid environments to live and reproduce.

Moreover, looking inside your trash bins for any fruit fly infestation would be best. It is known that fruit flies always lay their eggs inside, aggravating the infestation.

Take out the garbage and scrub the bin with a robust cleaning solution like bleach if they are congregating around it or if you want to avoid this from happening. Before utilizing the trash bin, ensure it is thoroughly dry.

3. Use rotting fruit to your advantage

Fruit and small flies trap made out of jar, paper funnel, lemon and sugar inside

You can set a trap using kitchen items you might already have if you still see fruit flies roaming around your kitchen. Comprised in this is any spoiled or exposed food that draws fruit flies. Observe these measures:

  1. We suggest placing the spoiled or exposed food in a disposable receptacle rather than disposing of it.
  2. Wrap plastic film over the receptacle.
  3. Pierce the plastic film with a few holes, set it down where the fruit flies cluster, and wait.

This method will lure the fruit flies to flee inside the container trap. You can then get rid of them however you see fit. Continually carry out this procedure to exterminate all fruit flies.

4. Construct a swimming pool trap

Have leftover red wine that you don't plan on finishing? Use it to create a swimming pool trap for the fruit flies. Here's how:

  1. The first thing you need to do is get your red wine and liquid dish soap: mix and swirl.
  2. Wrap plastic film at the top of the container.
  3. Make a few tiny holes in the plastic film. Ensure that the openings are adequately large for fruit flies to enter.

The sweet scent of the red wine will draw the fruit flies inside the container. On the other hand, the liquid dish soap will make it impossible for any caught flies to escape. It would be best to continue this until no more fruit flies are visible.

5. Produce A Vinegar Solution

You might also try setting up a vinegar trap to catch fruit flies. To make one, follow these:

  1. Pour water into a disposable receptacle.
  2. Mix sugar and vinegar into the water. It would be best to put a few tablespoons of each.
  3. Lastly, put several drops of liquid dish soap and stir well.

Position the container in the spot where you can see the fruit flies gathering.

6. A store-bought trap

Sticky yellow fly trap

If you're having trouble with DIY traps, we suggest going to a hardware store near you and getting a sticky fly trap. Rest assured that this trap will perform well in catching those stubborn fruit flies and common flies.

Observe the trap if it gets full, then discard it. In addition, you can swap the flies out if you want.

Check out this sticky trap on Amazon.

7. Call the Pros

Hiring a professional pest exterminator is an effective method. You can get quotes from various pros in your local area, and if it fits your budget, they can do the job to eliminate those fruit flies!

If these annoying fruit flies come again after treating your home, the exterminator might treat it once more for free or at a discounted price.

Can A Fruit Fly Affect my health?

Ripe banana in the kitchen with fruit fly

A fruit fly infestation might potentially be harmful to your health if ignored. Fruit flies have a reputation for roaming around and collecting bacteria, which they then spread on foods.

Manure or any feces is what attracts fruit flies. And these nasty things bear an "E. coli" bacteria. That bacteria is what they carry while they roam around every place.

Furthermore, you may have probably seen some white to yellowish batches of tiny fruit flies' eggs in the food. Female fruit flies release those bunches of eggs into foods after mating. And with this situation, the food becomes highly contaminated. It would be best to dispose of that food immediately.

How can I prevent the fruit flies from coming back?

Don't forget to maintain food storage places dry and hygienic to avoid further infestation. Remember that it would be best not to leave food out once you open it.

After opening fresh food or taking a bite, please don't leave it out. Make sure to remove your trash and dispose of it properly periodically. Moreover, wiping up any spills on or inside of your trash cans would be best.

It can take a few days to a few weeks to get rid of a fruit fly infestation after it has started. You may save time and nuisance by being assertive about cleaning up after yourself and getting rid of your garbage.

Wrapping It All Up

You can opt to use bleach to get rid of fruit flies if you want to, but it would be best to consider the factors we have mentioned above about why we don't recommend using such. Your health should be your top priority.

We hope you find this post helpful. Feel free to browse our website to continue reading, or you might want to check these posts out!

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