Does Spinosad Kill Spider Mites?

When you see thin silky spider webbings on your plants, that's a telltale sign right there that you have spider mites. The question is, how do you get rid of them so they won't cause further damage to your plants? Will Spinosad help you kill these pests? We asked the experts and here's what we learned from them.

Spinosad is a broad-spectrum pesticide that effectively kills different pest species with spider mites being one of them. It affects their nervous system until they could no longer move and they die. Spinosad works fast. You can expect to see results in one to two days which brings relief to gardeners.

Keep on reading as we explain further how Spinosad effectively kills spider mites. We'll also tell you if Spinosad is safe to use indoors and why they keep coming back to your plants. Lastly, we'll give you tips and recommendations on how to get rid of these arachnids in your garden. Let's delve in!

Gardener with professional insecticide fertilizer equipment, Does Spinosad Kill Spider Mites?

Spinosad for Spider Mites

Spider mites are arachnids that can cause great damage to your beloved plants if left unchecked. Aside from the fine spider webs, some signs that'll tell you that you've got spider mites in your plants are yellow and brown spots on the leaves and stunted plant growth.

Red spider mite on strawberry plant

The webs and spots make the plants unsightly and the infestation can ultimately kill them if you don't do something about it.

Broad-spectrum Pesticide

The first course of action for gardeners is a DIY pest control treatment. There are various pesticides available on the market and one of the most popular choices out there is Spinosad.

This is a broad-spectrum pesticide which means that it can kill different pest species. Another reason for its popularity is that it's a natural or organic way of killing pests in your garden.

Its chemicals are derived from the fermentation of the soil bacterium Saccharopolyspora Spinosa. These chemicals are toxic to many insects and mites.

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How Spinosad Works on Mites

To answer the question, yes, Spinosad can kill spider mites. It works in such a way that when you spray it on your plants and the spider mites come into contact with it, the chemicals will enter their bodies and affect their nervous system.

Red Spider Mite infestation on vegetable

This would result in having difficulty controlling their muscle movement which would lead to paralysis and death. Spinosad also has systemic properties. This means that the plants can absorb these natural chemicals and can protect themselves from these pests even better.

When spider mites try to suck the plant, they will ingest the chemicals which would cause their death.

The good news is that Spinosad is a fast-acting pesticide. It can help you get rid of spider mites in one to two days. However, take note that this pesticide quickly loses its toxicity so there's a need to reapply after a week if you have a pretty bad infestation.

Regular application will help you gain control of these pests so that they'll stop sucking the goodness out of your garden.

Is Spinosad safe to use indoors?

Spider mites can also attack your indoor plants and cause major damage if you won't do something about them quickly. However, not all pesticides can be used indoors mainly because of their toxicity to humans and pets. Good thing, Spinosad is one of the pesticides that can be safely used inside the house.

Since Spinosad is made from natural substances, it has a low level of toxicity. This makes it safe to use indoors or outdoors as it presents low health risks for humans and most wildlife around it. It is also safe for the environment as it loses its toxicity within 8 to 24 hours after its application.

This means that this natural pesticide doesn't linger in the environment and won't affect much of the living things around it.  That's why Spinosad has gained approval to be used both for your indoor and outdoor plants.

For those who are into organic farming, it is listed as an organic substance by the US National Organic Program.

But of course, like all pesticides, Spinosad should be handled with care and prepared as instructed on the label so that it'll be safe to use whether indoors or outdoors.

Protective gear such as rubber gloves is recommended use. Avoid skin contact with the pesticide. Exposure to Spinosad might cause eye and skin irritation. The right ratio of water to pesticide should be observed. With proper use, Spinosad should be safe for plants, humans, pets, and the environment.

Why do spider mites keep coming back?

If you've been reading about ways to eliminate spider mites in your plants, you're familiar with the advice to just spray it with water and it should do the trick. It would wash away the spider mites and they're gone. However, this is a temporary solution.

You would notice after a day or two that they keep coming back so you can't really have peace of mind when you're using this method.

The key to getting rid of these arachnids lies in knowing why they keep coming back to your garden. Once you understand their behavior, you would know better how to deal with the situation.

Attraction to Nitrogen

Spider mites love to stay in your garden because they find the current conditions ideal for their survival. If you applied too many fertilizers, especially those with a high amount of nitrogen, they would be attracted to your plants. Nitrogen makes the plant sap sweeter and more delicious for these pests.

Prefer Hot, Dry Environments

Most spider mite species thrive in hot weather. They don't like cold and wet surroundings which are why infestation usually happens when there's drought or you underwater your plants.

Enjoy Edible Plants

There are also certain plants that they just love the most such as tomatoes, strawberries, peas, cucumbers, and squash. They are also drawn to ornamental plants and shrubs.

Park with shrubs and green lawns

And the thing with spider mites is that they multiply quickly. Females reproduce hundreds of eggs and these can turn into adult spider mites in just over a week! This is why dealing with these pests seems like a never-ending story.

How to get rid of spider mites?

Of course, the ultimate goal is to end the spider mite infestation in your plants so that they can continue to grow healthy and happy in your garden.

Some gardeners are reluctant to use Spinosad. Because it is a broad-spectrum pesticide, it can also hurt beneficial insects that help their garden thrive.

Here are some recommended pest control treatments for your plants that you can also consider.

Neem Oil

Neem oil in bottle green leaf and neem fruit on wooden bowl on table

You can apply neem oil to your plants. Neem oil is not only an insecticide but a miticide as well so you know it'll be effective in controlling spider mites.

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Neem oil is a systemic pesticide so it'll be absorbed by the plants and its chemicals will travel throughout the plant's vascular system.

This means that anywhere the spider mite sucks, it can ingest the chemical which will affect its hormones. This would lead to loss of appetite, prevent maturation of the larvae, and reduction in reproduction. In this way, you don't just kill the pests but also prevent the growth of their colony.

Insecticidal Soap

Homemade insecticidal insect spray in home garden

This is recommended to use especially on indoor plants since the environmental conditions are more controlled in their area. Check the label regarding the proper use of insecticidal soap. Apply it to the upper and underside of the leaves.

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Insecticidal soap works fast especially since spider mites are tiny. You can see the results in 24 hours. It works by washing away the protective cover on the body of the spider mites and then penetrating and breaking down their inner cells until they die.

Spider Mite Predators

There's a way to get rid of these pests without using pesticides. You introduce beneficial insects to your garden. These include ladybugs, lacewings, and predatory mites.

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They would gladly eat the mites and don't pose any threat to your plants. Introducing beneficial pets to your garden is the biological way of controlling the spider mite infestation.

However, if the infestation is really bad, you might have to get the assistance of a pest control company to help you eliminate spider mites in your garden.

Final Thoughts

Spinosad can kill spider mites. It works fast and is safe to use on your indoor and outdoor plants. However, it can harm some beneficial insects in your garden so you can also consider other pest control treatments to ensure that you just get rid of the pest and not those that'll help your garden flourish.

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