Why Are Flies Dying In My House?

The presence of flies in every house is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, they will always fly around your house. However, there are instances that flies die inside your home. Do you know why? Well, you have come to the right place! We have conducted thorough research to find the answer.

The reason why flies are dying in your house could be because of the following:

  1. They have come to the end of their lives
  2. Extreme anxiety
  3. They might have settled in your house
  4. It is the season for numerous flies

Aside from knowing the reasons why flies are dying in your house, it would also be best to understand how you should keep them from entering your home. And to do that, we suggest you keep reading. Enjoy!

Dead house flies on green background, Why Are Flies Dying In My House?

What Are The Reasons Why Flies Die In A House?

Ladybugs and Dead Houseflies On White Window Sill.

To feed your curiosity as to why flies die inside a house, you can check the following details below:

Natural End of Life

The lifespan of a fly is usually between 7 and 28 days. A variety of factors influence how long a fly can live. We will consider factors like time of the year, species, food availability, and many more a bit later.

Extreme Anxiety

The inside of a house can be perplexing and uncomfortable for a fly, especially if it discovers there is no way out. The fly could get stuck in cupboards, window sills, containers, or other places.

Any confined spaces will likely cause the bug to panic, causing its metabolism to accelerate. The bug will eventually fly around and die from intense stress and lack of energy. Anxiety also happens to be one of the most prevalent causes of dead flies in your house following a vacation.

Settled Flies

When was the last time you examined your house's attic, patio, or ceiling board? If you haven't seen it in a while, it could be the source of your home's large quantity of insects. You could possibly need professional help removing the dead or rotten flies, especially if they are on a remote location, such as the roof of your house.

Seasonal Flies

Flies spend the winter in the cracks and nooks of your home. In the spring, they come out to lay their eggs in decaying materials.

During the winter, cluster flies are the most common type of fly that exists. These flies often invade the house in large numbers and concentrate in the corners. In addition, rather than hibernating, these flies go into diapause.

You may think these stubborn flies are dead during winter, but they are just hiding because of the changing seasons.

Issues Caused by Dead Flies

Blow fly, carrion fly, bluebottles, greenbottles, or cluster fly

If you notice dead flies in the areas of your home, you might face a few problems. Additionally, you should address these issues immediately, especially since your health depends on them, too. Below are the examples:

  1. Poor Hygiene: Dead flies can make your home disgustingly dirty, especially if they are on your floors, worktops, and other surfaces.
  2. Transmit Disease: Dead flies are capable of transmitting harmful diseases.
  3. Unsightly: Deat flies lying atop surfaces can give the wrong impression about your cleanliness.

What Can You Do To Deal With The Dead Flies?

Close up of Many fly on the white background, Dirty insect and dead fly on the floor, Insect that carries disease and carrion of fly, Fly bug are important pest of destroy plants and others.

If you notice dead flies around your home, you could:

  • Check for flies in your house's isolated areas - since the flies may have settled in your home, thoroughly inspect all of these sites for their presence. Use a powerful pesticide whenever possible.
  • If the existence of these pests is too much for you, it would be best to seal any windows or doors in your home. For instance, you can utilize wire mesh windows. Furthermore, contact a professional agency if you still observe small dead flies on your window sills.
  • Clear any trash or rotting food - rotting items attract flies, and their presence in your home will likely increase their population.

How Do You Keep Cluster Flies Out Of Your House?

closeup with cluster fly

You can eliminate cluster flies in your home and prevent them from returning by following the methods below. Additionally, starting these steps in the late fall would be best for the best results.

Fill In Cracks And Gaps

Cluster flies and other insects such as kissing bugs, wasps, and stink bugs access your house through crevices and gaps in the walls, doors, and window frames. It would be best to fill in any existing gaps. Use a silicone-based sealant to complete the task because it is durable, and pests cannot eat through it.

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Install Fine Mesh Window Screens

Window screens with tiny mesh are helpful for keeping flies out of your home. Additionally, these screens don't block ventilation. If you can, install protective screens on your home's windows. You may also put them on the vents and ducts in your basement, attic, and HVAC system.

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Control Cluster Flies Outdoors

Treating your outdoor areas -the garden or yard- is critical. Cluster flies are natural pollinators, so as much as possible, avoid using pesticides. Killing them when they are just outdoors is not a good plan.

Peppermint Spray

You don't need insecticides or harmful chemicals to drive them away. And you have numerous possibilities for doing so. Peppermint spray is one of them. Peppermint repels a lot of pests and flies because of its strong scent. Additionally, it's harmless to both humans and plants.

Moreover, you can opt to spray peppermint on the outside walls of your house if you don't want those stubborn flies to sit on the walls.

Water & Vinegar Spray

A solution of water and white vinegar works well as well. Many bugs, pests, and flies dislike the acidic odor of vinegar. However, vinegar is an acidic substance. And too much of it can harm the soil's health. So, it would be best to use it carefully and not overuse it.

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Utilize Sticky Fly Traps

Dead flies on sticky tape, trap for flies with glue, adhesive flytrap, stucktrap for insects.

Placing sticky fly traps close to your doorways, windows, and vents is another practical approach to keep cluster flies and other flying insects and pests at bay.

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Keep sweetened water in a bowl and cover it with a perforated lid if you want to make your own trap. It will help if you create big enough holes to let the flies enter the bowl.

The purpose of putting sweet water in the bowl is to draw in the flies. And once they get inside it, they surely won't be able to get out. And if the bowl has a lot of flies, you should immediately dispose of the water.

This method also works best in trapping small flying bugs, such as drain flies and gnats that roam around your home.

Place A Bug Zapper Outdoors

Bug zappers are excellent to use if you want to reduce the flies. It can also help deter flies and keep them from entering your home.

It would be best to keep one bug zapper on your terrace or patio deck. It can draw the flies into its surface and electrocutes them.

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What Causes Dead Flies In The Basement?

Dead fly on a window sill

Sometimes, you can notice some dead flies in your basement, like those on your window sills. Stress is what causes their death. Additionally, it is also because they lack nourishment, especially if they can't find something rotten or sweet to consume in the basement.

Wrap It All Up

Blow fly, carrion fly, bluebottles or cluster fly

Dead flies that exist inside your home are truly unpleasant. And since it also sets hygienic concerns and may create an undesirable impression on your visitors, it would be best to get rid of them as soon as possible.

We hope you find this post helpful. If you have additional concerns, please leave a comment below. And if you want to continue reading, you can visit our website and find posts that might interest you, or you can check these out!

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